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This video is back up!!
Here’s why:
1) I try to treat people as I would like to be treated, and I would not want someone airing my dirty laundry to the world. However, I do think I would want to know this information if I were buying a knew home and knew nothing about the building industry. In an attempt to satisfy both concerns, I have taken great care to make sure that the identity and location of the builder remained anonymous. This isn’t a personal attack on any single person or company. I am simply giving my PERSONAL opinion on why I would not invest my money in a house like this.
2) I think that homeowners should know what is going on INSIDE the walls of the biggest investment of their lives. While I state in the video that the home is probably engineered and built to meet all local codes (I am not a structural engineer or building inspector), to me, the building details that a buyer can’t see in a tour of the show home matter MORE than what you can see. I can easily upgrade lighting, flooring, and cabinetry as budget permits, but if I am upgrading a poorly built structure, am I making a wise financial decision for the future? Is it a good idea to invest all that material and capital into a building that will wind up in the landfill in 50 years?
Yes, the low end of the market is a tough place to compete. However, it is possible to build a more comfortable, durable, efficient house for very little additional cost. It would cost less than $2,500 to sheath this house in OSB and dramatically improve its structural rigidity, comfort and efficiency. If your a home buyer spending $250K, a 1% increase makes total sense. However, for a tract home builder building 1000 homes a year, that same $2,500 increase represents $2,500,000 in lost profit. But that’s another story for another video.
Y’all stay safe out there.

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